The label is often a crucial deciding factor in the consumer’s split-second decision about what product to purchase. We understand the true role of your label and its importance in helping to catch the eye of a consumer and conveying the vision of your product.

Our innovative fusion of print technologies, coupled with our ability to provide the highest quality materials available, frees you to pursue your visions of texture, color, shape, size, sheen and design. We help you unite form, function and message and we can guide you in bringing your label art vision to reality. We supply labels for thousands of bottle or container products. Our various labels adorn everything from olive oils and wines to vitamins and shampoo.


Custom options include dramatic finishes such as foiling, embossing, and holograms, and the more nuanced, subtle and distinctive finishes such as sculptured foil and emboss, blind embossing, and the clear-on-clear no-label look.

Functionally, we consider the environment the labels will be exposed to. We have materials for a variety of environments and applications, such as refrigeration, heating, freezing, outdoors, waterproof, weatherproof, ice buckets and the like. Rolled or sheeted, our labels are prepared precisely for bottlers and packers for automatic label machines or hand applicators. We offer options and solutions that will fit your needs and your product’s specifications. Contact your Label Art partner now so that we can help arrange the right label for your needs.