Coffee labels are a true speciality for Label Art. Many growers, roasters, retail shops and private labelers use Label Art to print full color, photo quality, short-run coffee labels that reflect class, sophistication and elegance at an affordable price.

pic-foffeeCoffee roasters have unique sets of issues with small batch roasts. This diversity — beans sourced from several countries, whole bean or ground, a variety of blends, caffeinated or decaffeinated, various bag weights — must be incorporated into the labels. Many of our competitors have to produce printing plates for each version of the label, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional set up charges and lost time. Our digital printing presses are perfectly suited to print high quality labels in very small batches without forcing expensive set up costs on customers.

We know that coffee is a highly perishable item, one that loses both flavor and freshness over a very short period of time. Our in-house digital processes give us the ability to print customized coffee labels quickly, providing labels to customers in days rather than weeks. The digital printing process allows customers the flexibility to change packaging without new, expensive set up costs. It also allows customers to rotate packaging options. Coffee packages can be customized with photos for holiday gift giving, special events and festivals. In addition, we can print very small orders for seasonal and limited edition coffee.

We print on and with a wide variety of materials that reflect the personality of your brand. We can provide labels with custom cuts that add a greater shade of character to your product. Our materials are suited for application to kraft or film composite bags, and bottles or cans of all types. Our critical eye ensures your designs and UPC codes are sharp and consistent, whether on a glossy or matte material, bright foil or tree-free, or any other distinctive material we offer.

Moreover, we are cognizant of a roaster’s need to label bags with freshness dates. We offer special materials, varnishes and laminations that serve to protect your print from package and shipping processes, while still being able to be written on or imprinted when the coffee is packed. This is a market that Label Art understands and serves extremely well. We have proven solutions that meet the budgets and time constraints of customers large and small. We know you pour your art into each cup. We pour our art into each label.