Label Art of California manufactures custom labels not only as primary labels for food and beverage products, health and beauty products, and promotional and advertisement, but we also make custom labels for many other industries and countless other applications.


Most people are surprised by all the different uses for custom labels and stickers. Every company we have encountered uses several different labels in their operation every day. Applications range from everyday uses like visitor name badges to the highly unusual. For one client we laminate together layers of custom designed materials to form a label that functions like a gasket in a high security lock mechanism. Our printing techniques are so exact that for another client we print custom high security labels with micro printing and inks that can only be seen under certain lights.


We print custom stickers to cover a range of products and packaging of all sizes, stretching from amazingly small to surprising large. Our presses can handle it all. We may start the day printing tiny custom circle stickers for golf tees and markers, and end the day printing huge electrical schematic drawings on sticker materials that are applied to the inside of large machines only seen by repair technicians when doors are removed. We offer a wide range of raw materials that offer unique qualities like our custom vinyl or polyester labels with “tire adhesive” meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions, or our custom laboratory labels that are designed to be written on and withstand extreme negative temperatures down to cryogenic levels. We offer certain custom materials made to stick to slick or wet surfaces where normal labels would not adhere.


Imagine if every single sticker coming off of a roll was different. Our integration of prepress and digital offset technology gives us the option to not only print labels that are consecutively numbered, but to meet the need of some medical devices applications by manufacturing database driven labels that are alpha-numeric. We print consecutive UPC codes for computerized warehouse applications. We print custom wine labels with consecutive numbering integrated into the artwork to give a “limited edition” feel.


  • Hard Hat Labels
  • Property ID tags
  • Government, military, and first responder stickers
  • Kid stickers
  • Reflective Halloween safety stickers
  • Postage vending machine labels
  • Rubber stamp labels and clings
  • Tamper resistant labels
  • DVD labels
  • Automotive labels
  • Photo labels
  • Blank labels
  • Calibration labels for jet aircraft
  • Cover up labels
  • Craft labels
  • Instructions stickers
  • Repositionable stickers
  • Custom band stickers and album labels
  • High dome labels
  • Product packaging labels
  • Custom sports team stickers
  • Fruit & vegetable labels
  • Boutique shopping bag labels
  • School bumper stickers
  • Custom beer labels
  • Address labels


With hundreds of years of combined experience, chances are our team has seen similar applications to the one you are attempting. If not, we have samples of many different face stocks and adhesives in our vast inventory that we can send you to test. If in the unlikely event we don’t have the right solution, as a prime account with our suppliers we have access to their test laboratories and can research and develop exactly what you need. We are experienced in having custom and unique materials exclusively manufactured for our customers. Recently we created Hempyrus, a proprietary hemp label stock that is used for custom cannabis labels for medical marijuana. Because it is a unique material, it would be very difficult to create a forgery, thereby making your product safer. Our custom labels can be designed to be applied by hand, by simple manual dispensers, or by high speed applicators.


This level of customization allows the labels we print to become solutions, problem solvers, to so many everyday and unique challenges. Please give us a call to customize your sticker experience.