Take a stroll down the aisles of Whole Foods and you will find that Label Art customers are well represented.

We have found that customers with food products seek us out to find solutions to the myriad of challenges food packaging and labeling presents.

For example, many of our customers have a national presence with well-established brands requiring adherence to strict color standards. We have a highly sophisticated color management system to help insure color remains consistent throughout the run and from one print run to the next.

pic-foodpackagingOften the challenge lies in labeling the package itself. In the food industry labels are applied to glass, hard and soft plastics, fiber-based materials like paper and board, and various types of metals. Some products have labels applied by hand, others are applied in automated processes. Labels must stick in adverse application conditions and retain their adhesive properties as package conditions change. We have developed solutions for labeling products that face the following challenges, among others:

  • Moist, cool, and frozen package application
  • Refrigeration storage
  • Hand application
  • Freezer storage
  • Machine application
  • Oil and fat resistance
Food labeling is the most diverse of all label end uses.

An estimated 76% of purchasing decisions are made at the store shelf. Labels and packaging have become the primary differentiators for purchasing decisions at the store level. Labels used in the food industry serve the need for an eye-catching effect at the point of sale. We have solutions like hot stamping, cold foil stamping, embossing, and other printing technologies that can add perceived value to food products.

Label Art has the right materials, printing and finishing machinery and skilled craftsmen to deliver superior labels for your products. Call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for all of your food label needs.