Health and Beauty labels must have a premium presence to stand out and be competitive in today’s market. Unique container shapes, identifiable colors and eye-catching graphics are what influence purchasing decisions. Many health and personal care purchases are made on impulse, and well designed and printed pressure sensitive labels have the power to elevate the look of your brand for maximizing shelf impact and influencing purchase decisions.

pic-healthWith quick turnarounds and no plate charges, Label Art’s digital printing technology is perfect for many segments of Health and Beauty that require the frequent introduction of new products, expanded categories and constant modifications to product label designs. We have hundreds of die sizes and shapes in stock and we can make custom dies to cut out the perfect shape for your containers. The flexibility to meet the various needs of our Health and Beauty customers allows us to print the spectrum of Health and Beauty product labels, including soap labels, lotion labels, cosmetic labels, and especially nutraceutical labels.

The nutraceuticals industry encompasses everything from vitamin labels and herbal remedies to essential oils and beauty enhancement products. Nutraceutical labels professionally printed by Label Art will captivate your customers, conveying your brand’s message, whether you require brilliant bright colors on eye catching materials or soothing soft colors that are subtly enriched by elegantly textured materials. With the addition of luxury gold and sliver hot stamp foils and high definition embossing, we can bring your products to life and give a meaningful competitive advantage that results in consumer purchases.

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