Whether you want a custom touch to your special event, are planning a photo shoot of your product samples, or simply want your brand to be seen, Label Art is the right choice for all of your custom advertisement and promotional sticker needs.

Unlike a large mass mailing, labels can be an inexpensive way to advertise and be seen by the right person at the right time. For example, we have many repair technicians and tradesmen that place stickers on appliances to remind their customers who to call when service or repair is needed. These “mini billboards” have worked wonders for local plumbers, electricians, and technicians servicing furnaces, refrigerators, washers and dryers, copy machines, and other appliances. A label seen at the time of need can be an extremely effective form of advertisement.

Bumper stickers are another great way to effectively communicate a message. We are all familiar with commercial bumper stickers getting the word out about company products and services, with political bumper stickers getting the word out about a candidate, and sports bumper stickers promoting our local high school, college, or professional teams. Label Art supplies bumper stickers cut to standard special shapes, printed and protected with water and fade resistant materials, and even provides them with removable or ultra-permanent materials.

Window stickers can be used to advertise your product, to advise customers that you accept certain forms of payment, or that you are a member of a select group. Freezer and refrigerator case labels show grocery customers what you have to offer. Static cling and removable window stickers allow you to promote products during one season, and can easily be swapped with others to promote different products for the next season. By printing on static cling and low tac removable materials, Label Art provides a simple way to update promotions and advertisements on high visibility locations like store windows and doors, and refrigerator cases.

Many of our customers like to provide samples of their product much smaller than full retail size while requiring the same high quality graphics as their primary brand labels. Label Art has so many different shapes and sizes in stock that we usually can find a size that fits these packages. If not, we can make custom dies to precisely fit the smaller sample packaging.

At Label Art, we pride ourselves on how quickly we can make advertising props and prototype labels for photo and film shoots, commercial spots, and product testing with focus groups. Our digital print capabilities allow us to meet the small run, ultra-fast turnarounds these custom orders require, while still holding to our high standard of print excellence in quality. With this digital technology we can print different versions one right after the other, and can even sequentially number each label. Labels are a great alternative to traditional advertising and promotional printing. Request a sample pack to get some new ideas.