is something we have down to a fine art.

We know wine labels…Every season, we pair the newest and finest printing techniques and excellent, time-tested materials with the skills of experienced craftspeople. Each custom label is a blend of current and classic and is produced in a timely manner, with care, and is competitively priced.


Label Art of California is nearing 50 years of making top quality labels. Our showcases are full of the industry’s most prestigious awards. The work we’re particularly proud of is our collection of masterfully crafted wine labels, which we consider the highest expression of our trade. Wine labels serve as the canvas that best reflects the art, passion, discipline, and beauty our craftsmanship brings to the printing industry.


We have dedicated ourselves to reaching beyond the label on the bottle to understanding the life of the wine label. This knowledge allows us to be your effective partners, helping wineries navigate the complexities of features and qualities of the paper, ink, and techniques that are necessary to support the environments, shipping and storage variations and venues that the wine label may be exposed to. We can advise on everything from branding and TTB approval to materials and production. We have a multitude of options for wineries of all sizes, from small custom personalized bottles to large production runs. Our role in your process is to provide creative, seamlessly efficient, stunningly beautiful labels that are no less than works of art that give voice to the wine within.


At Label Art, our balance of various state-of-the-art and traditional printing methods offer the highest quality and broadest range of print capability the industry has to offer, all in an effort to provide our clientele with a host of options that best reflect their brand. We print award-winning, vivacious, full color labels with both digital offset and flexographic technology. We offer superior decoration capabilities: luxury gold and silver hot stamping and high definition sculpted embossing combinations that bring a world of exquisite possibilities to your wine labels. A full range of finishes and varnishes from super high-gloss to ultra-matte, including powerful scuff resistance, and unique textured tactile finishes with various in-house creations add the final touch of distinction and unmatched quality.

We have the experience, the craftsmanship, and the commitment that comes from sustaining a nearly 50 year-old family business. We proudly offer expertise and honesty, with reasonable options to fit your needs. We are dedicated to creating a relationship based on quality and characteristics that sustain long-term relationships. Please contact us. We share in your passion in the art of wine making and label art. We are eager to begin working with, guiding and advising you, and are excited to cultivate your finely produced label art.